Wow, folks…..lots of pain in the news. It feels like more today than usual, and also, I’m open to being a bit more sensitive to it today than most. My ears are hearing something far more important.

I’m listening to the laughter of children as I write- no longer the news (see how long you can watch the news and listen to the absolute joy of a child laughing). Phone is silenced “for now”… I laugh.


Tempt yourself next time you’re on Facebook, Insta, etc.- look for the SMILE. Don’t read, don’t proceed, without JOY. Look only at that which will make you smile- dismiss the negative before it creeps in. 


This one got me today:

Off to make cookies. If one falls on the floor, you can keep it and stay a night if you must- in the fort. Outside.

Hope you’re smiling, or laughing now, too. 


Be blessed, my friends.